Invest in property through your pension and pay



on the rental income and the growth*

The process of purchasing property through your pension

Our Zero Tax Property specialists assist you throughout the process to be able to purchase tax efficient properties in your retirement accounts. Our experts:


the Deal


the Deal


the Deal


the Deal


the Deal

Zero Tax Property is a tax efficient method of using retirement accounts to purchase property and pay 0% tax on the rental income and growth.

By engaging with Zero Tax Property, we simplify the process of purchasing property through retirement accounts and take the stress away to allow you to concentrate on your business and family.

Your time is precious

Our team are fully aware that your time is precious, therefore, we take the pain and headaches away from purchasing property through pension funds.

Our team source properties, deal with legalities and conveyancing, structure the retirement account, liaise with specialist pension lenders on your behalf (if necessary), manage any potential refurbishments and source tenants to take the time and labour away from our clients so they can focus on their own business.

Success stories

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Refurb & Fitout Examples

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*Not all Pension Structures are applicable to Zero Tax Property. If you have a civil service pension scheme, unfortunately, we cannot help you. If you are in a current pension scheme whereby your employer is contributing to your fund, we may not be able to help you